Lapping film polishing
What is sample test?

♦ Overview of Sample Test

- Are you facing problems concerning improvement in the accuracy of surface roughness?
- Why not experience the advantages of tape grinding?
- You’ll find grinding can be done rapidly and easily without bothersome feeling of making final fine adjustment required by grinding with a grindstone.

For such cases, for example:
- You want to improve accuracy in roughness without concern over changes in diameter or height dimension.
- You performed grinding with a grindstone, but the quality is still unsatisfactory. You need further final grinding!
- You want to try to eliminate the grindstone grinding from the lathe turning programs and finish the work through tape grinding.
- You want to make the excessively smooth surface coarse.
- You want to remove foreign materials stuck to the surface.
- You tried many other methods, but the result was unsatisfactory. You want to test the Sanshin method.
- You are afraid you cannot obtain satisfactory results in the grinding of new materials, thin articles, etc. without using the tape-grinding method.
- Others

♦ What is the sample test?

We offer the sample test, when the customer examines the Sanshin technology for introduction of products or systems, so that the customer can specifically check processing accuracy, time, and capabilities by using the sample specified by the customer.

Application Flow
(1) Application - Use the Inquiry Form.
- We will contact you to check the details.
(2) Dispatch of Sample - Send the sample by using the door-to-door delivery service, etc.
(3) Processing of Sample (Polishing) - The processing work can be done in the presence of the customer, if desired. Please be advised that taking pictures is prohibited.
- Note that the customer may be requested to refrain from attendance depending on the type of processing.
(4) Receipt of Sample - Usually, we attach the data on processing time and surface roughness. (Please understand that they may not be attached if we cannot measure the items.)
- Usually, the data will be delivered to the customer in approximately two weeks after we receive the application. (It may take a little longer due to preparation and arrangement of abrading agents, jigs, etc.)
(5) Payment - We will dispatch the bill separately.
Points to be Noted for Sample Test
  1. The processing (polishing) cost is free of charge for the first time. The cost shall be charged for the second time and thereafter. Even for a first-time request, costs may be incurred when the material is new and has significant development factors, and judgment cannot be made until the test is implemented.
    * Costs: The work volume that can be completed by one person for one day (8 hours) shall be a set (\60,000). A set shall include the costs for preparatory setup time, measurement time, preparation time of documents to be submitted, etc.
  2. If special jigs, etc., are required for executing the test and costs are incurred, we will prepare the estimation sheet for the jigs, etc.
  3. We may not comply with your request depending on the content, which should be understood in advance.
    For details, contact the following address:
Sanshin Co., Ltd.
1-11 Heijima, Nagaoka city, Niigata 940-1163
Phone: +81-258-22-1529 FAX: +81-258-23-2164