Lapping film polishing
Lapping film polishing

♦ Technologies Utilizing Lapping film polishing

We have been developing various types of lapping film grinding systems and delivering them not only to the Japanese market, but also to global markets with the concept of high precision and the environment.

Lapping films can be brought into action and the good points and user-friendliness are understood only when they are combined with the appropriate systems, and are thus being disseminated into society. Therefore, we think the responsibility of the system manufacturer is heavy.

It is assumed that subjects in the respective industries will be focused on the pursuit of micro-polishing and surface roughness, and the polishing method using lapping film is an exceptional method as a solution.

♦ Examples of Lapping Film Polishing

The following table shows the lapping film polishing systems that were developed to date for automotive parts:

Classification Part Finishing Portion
Main body of engine Crankshaft Lapping of journal, pin, and oil seal
Camshaft Lapping of cam surface and journal
Balancer shaft Lapping of journal
Piston ring Lapping of outer diameter and end face
Valve lifter Lapping of end face (the face with which the cam contact)
Damper pulley Lapping of working face of oil seal
Turbo charger Shaft Lapping of shaft and outer diameter of bearing
Fuel control
(including direct injection and diesel)
Injector parts Needle valve (outer diameter)
Pump plunger Lapping of outer diameter
Regulator valve Lapping of end face
Bush for pump Lapping of end face and outer diameter
Tappet for pump Lapping of outer diameter
AT, transmission, drive system Input shaft, intermediate shaft, output shaft Lapping of shaft bearing for AT
Planetary gear Lapping of end face
Inner ring of clutch Lapping of outer diameter
CVT pulley Lapping of outer diameter
Oil pump cover Lapping of outer diameter and inner diameter of cover sub-assembly boss
Lapping of inner diameter
Steering, underbody parts Deburring of end face of pump housing for power steering
Air conditioner Vane Removal of burrs and dents on the periphery, R-grinding
Vane pump rotor shaft Lapping of journal, deburring of grooves
Bush Lapping of inner diameter, round chamfering
Shaft Lapping of journal and outer diameter of eccentric pin
Motor and related parts DC motor Polishing of commutator and shaft, R-grinding of shaft end