Lapping film polishing
Lapping Film Polishing

♦ Outline of Lapping Film polishing System

The technology level of the latest high-tech products, including those in the automotive industry, construction machines, and other industrial machines has been remarkably improved, and the marketing of our tape polishing systems is now indispensable for various parts.

Further, the underlying concept in the grinding technology is the improvement in fuel cost and the reduction in CO2, and actions such as reviewing the machining processes for environmentally friendliness and improving machining efficiency are now attracting urgent attention.

In addition, in the electronic industry, it is popular for the grinding work in the machining process of the final finish to use loose grains for lapping or polishing. In recent years, however, the grinding method using lapping film (fixed grain) has been employed frequently in the final grinding process of high-tech products, including information and communication equipment, and the method is becoming popular as the grinding method that results in a cleaner working environment.

Particularly, in recent years, the method has been highlighted in various industries throughout the world with the background of clean technologies for preserving the environment, and we are striving for research and development of tape polishing systems day and night to achieve further system precision and efficiency.

Fortunately, Japan has a lead over other countries in the field of lapping film, and we will push development of the lapping films and systems that match the future social climate, aiming to be the leading company in the world in the future.

♦Lapping Film Surface

♦Lapping Film Section

♦ Examples of Polishing with Lapping Film

Shape of Work Piece Polishing System Intended Work Piece
Round surface Magnetic head
VTR head
MR head
Concave-convex surface Various concave-convex lens
Aspherical lens
Optical fiber ferrule
Automotive parts
Plain disc surface Stamper for CD and DVD
Automotive parts
Semiconductors, silicon, device
Plain surface PDP, LCD, and EL substrates
Thin-film and thick-film substrates
Multilayer substrates, buildup substrates
Ceramic substrates
LCD cell plate cleaners
Chamfering LCD substrates
Various glass substrates
Silicon wafers
Multilayer substrates
Outer diameter Shafts
Small-diameter shafts
Inner diameter Shafts with inner diameter up to Ø6 mm
Tapered inner diameter
Stepped inner diameter