Lapping film polishing
Product Lineup
♦Full-surface Grinding Machine

This machine fixes protrusions on various color filters and improves the flatness of the RGB surface. With the machine, the undulation of glass plates can be absorbed from the grinding side, thus enabling uniform film thickness.

♦Point Grinding Machine

This machine fixes protrusion failures on the color filters. The protrusions are ground down to the allowable height by the protrusion height measurement system that is incorporated in the machine. Furthermore, the machine can be coupled to inspection machines.

♦Shaft (inner and outer diameter) Polishing Machine

Since the tensile strength of lapping film is strong, surface roughness down to 0.01 μm can be ensured by polishing with lapping film after stone grinding. Further, the roundness of the original shape will not be impaired.

♦Flat Surface Grinding System

The system is utilized for grinding of various substrates and removing fine burrs at the punched portions. Further, for the lapping of the back side of the master stamper, a delicate selection of lapping conditions is possible by nonprofessional persons, thus ensuring the clean environment.

♦Spherical Surface Grinding System

The machine exercises its power to remove protrusions and ensures the spherical state, as well as improvement in surface accuracy, by utilizing the characteristic of a film to follow the shape. The main applications include lens, round portion at shaft end, and optical fiber ferrule.

♦Curved Surface Grinding Machine

Uniform and precision finish can be realized even for combined materials, etc., by using a film polishing material on which precisely gradation-controlled grains are coated. The machine is mainly used for magnetic heads, VTR heads, etc.

♦Ultra-planarization Grinding Machine

Under the circumstances that advanced planarization grinding is demanded, our FCMP-II Series products easily ensures the desired grinding quality by fully utilizing the characteristics of the lapping films, and the management of the system is also easy.

♦Machines Related to Motor

It is too much to say that no articles use a motor in the world. At present, Sanshin’s motor commutator outer diameter cutting machines are widely used by customers.