Lapping film polishing
Message from the President
The nanotechnology to which a single sheet of lapping film challenges
Nobukazu HOSOKAI, President and CEO
When we talk about manufacturing in the city of Nagaoka, one of the key points is the manufacturing of devices and machines. The personnel at Sanshin believe that the basics of manufacturing is in addressing the needs of the changing times and fully utilizing our own precision machining technologies to fulfill customer requirements that are becoming ever more diversified and sophisticated, thereby responding to the requirements.

Sanshin has been involved in the development of our own technologies based on the technologies and experiences in the manufacture of lapping film polishing machines through the partnership with lapping film manufacturers. As a result, we successfully researched and developed high-quality, high-reliability ultra-precision polishing systems in diversified mechatronics fields covering the electronic industry segments up to shafts and gears of automotive industry parts as technologies inherent in Japan, thus responding widely to user needs.

The market is not recognized popularly and is still small, but I think we would continue to be an innovator of nanotechnology by promoting the manufacture of valuable products as the leading company in the industry.
Nobukazu HOSOKAI, President and CEO